Dr. Lahmar, owner and director of the Polyclinic Errahma

I welcome you to the Polyclinic Errahma, the first private health care clinic created in the region of Mahdia

Since its establishment in 2006, our clinical aspired to respond as best as possible, to the expectations and requirements of its patients. We chose a highly qualified and experienced medical and surgical team.

We have invested in the latest upscale technology equipment, to support optimally the multiple pathologies encountered. Our clinic was the first among other things to adopt the 64 bars scanner

Our aim is to create a medical center recognized in Tunisia and abroad, dedicated to the material and psychological welfare of our patients..

Thank you for your trust and wish you a speedy recovery. Our attentive and friendly staff is at your disposal to ensure that the time with us is held in the best conditions.


Polyclinic Errahma is renowned for its medical staff: experienced professionals graduated from the best Tunisian, European and American institutions. In addition to their bright cursus, they participated in advanced training courses and targeted training programs in prestigious institutions

For the comfort of his patients, our clinic has a team of multidisciplinary doctors and surgeons

Our establishment, continuously concerned about the well-being of its patients, selects the best members for its health care teams, hospitality and administration.